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Get inspired by your purpose!

Akiva, a Business Developer/
Transformational Coach

Mastering the art of transformation
through healing, clarity of purpose and self expression.

Dedicated to exploring human consciousness through the science of self-knowledge, Akiva guides his clients in creating vision, discovering their soul purpose, and activating authentic self- expression. His passion lies in helping people integrate their skills into the fulfillment of their own creative vision and practical happiness.

Holding an MA in Art and Communication from Pratt institute NYC, Akiva has over twenty years of experience as a creative director and business strategist. Akiva is trained in classic Indian Kripalu Yoga, KRI Yoga and in Naam Yoga Therapies. He is part of the Naam Yoga Teacher Training Team and holds over 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance.
He teaches Universal Kabbalah, and is a certified Harmonyum® Practitioner. Akiva has been guiding groups and individuals to foster healing, clarity of purpose and the inspiration of self-empowerment throughout North America and Europe since 2002.

Akiva teaches weekly Yoga classes, intensive trainings and workshops that focus on healing and the power of true self expression. He offers Private Consultation, Extended Coaching, and Harmonyum Healing Treatments.

If you find yourself:

Tired of not knowing what your greater purpose is

Holding on to your demanding corporate job, hoping that something better will show up

Knowing you are more then your job and your title

Schedule a free 20 minute sample session by calling 415 846 3250 or send me an email at akivasn@gmail.com

Ready to move life forward?
Special Personal Life Review!

Create the abundance you deserve in 2012 - 2013!

  • Learn about your gifts and challenges
  • Work with your Path and Destination
  • Take advantage of your cosmic map through 2012/13
  • Remove negative patterns that do not support your path
  • Work with your heart to match your destination

Three Purpose Sessions $375!
90 day, 5 element, Breakthrough Process (12 week coaching) $924
Individual Session $145

Life review consultation

Couples and Partnership compatibility!

  • Identifying personal primary qualities and challenges
  • Compatibility assessment
  • Providing guidelines for successful dynamics
Partnership Compatibility
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