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Every Journey leads back to ones heart, and this Month, the mighty August under the fifth house of Leo with the qualities of intelligence love and romance, spiritual authorship the power of the word in the form of mantras, will entice us to act, play as well as connect on a deeper level to self and others.

We are called to look at life in a bigger and greater context and check in our inner coordinates are their matching our reality. big picture matters will require to zoom out - and look at the nitpicking we were consumed by in the last few month as the dusts cleared we can see a greater destiny or choice for ourselves. the tendency to get attached to the day to day matters, the memories of encounters that do not serve our current reality and bigger purpose will get in our way more frequently - we need a daily (sometime momentary) act of clearing the path from the detailed noise - here is the message - "don't get lost in the details this month"

Our foundation in August is literally the place we call home, most of our insecurities this month or lack of power and confidence will be fueled by the lack of a safe home and safe community around us. Our presentation therefore will be either of physical and communicative strength or somewhat limited by our self sabotaging capabilities, especially in matters of the heart. there is a spell of self deceiving in that position - so please do a double, triple, quadruple, reality check - you will find yourself making up unreal assumptions (judgements) about people, situations, circumstances and commitments you have already made.

The good news is that the game have changed for us this month - more open to possibility of connection and harmony.

Commitments will take us forward this month beyond the inner doubt and the negativity, pushing through barriers, will provide greater self expression and self appreciation, especially in the area of service. double check - contracts and agreements this month. over all try to maintain your inner neutrality, put your efforts in servicing your greater vision for yourself.

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